Ms. Cheryl

Cheryl received her Bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition and a Master's degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from San José State University (SJSU). She holds a California state license in speech pathology and ASHA's Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). She is an active member of the California Speech and Hearing Association and has held an executive board position on the Santa Clara County Speech Hearing Association for many years. Her prior involvements include Vice-President of the Santa Clara County National Stuttering Association and Fundraiser chair for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association at San Jose State University.

Cheryl has worked for private clinics, providing home-based direct therapy services for birth to 4 year olds and therapy for adult stroke and TBI patients.  She has experience working with Deaf and hard of hearing children through the County Office of Education and has taught social skills groups for children on the Autism spectrum disorder. Cheryl has worked as a school-based speech-language pathologist for the past 17 years, providing therapy for children ages 5 to 14. During her public school employment she also mentored graduate students from SJSU.

Cheryl’s passion for becoming a speech pathologist was influenced by her own speech communication difficulties during her childhood and early adulthood. Over coming this hardship gave her the freedom to follow her passion. She understands how important communication is and wants to help others reach their potential to become an effective communicator.


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Ms. Gina

Gesina (Gina) Pagan is a Speech Language Pathologist who offers comprehensive speech, language, articulation, fluency, and social pragmatic therapy to the pediatric population.  Gina received both her Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Disorders and Sciences and her Masters of Arts from San Jose State University.  Gina believes in approaching each person’s individual needs in a way that is tailored to them. She has worked in a variety of professional environments including private practice, early intervention, home based therapy, and in the educational setting.  Gina specializes in providing tailored therapy in the areas of: articulation, expressive/receptive language deficits, fluency, social pragmatic skills, Apraxia of speech, Autism, and ADD/ADHD.

Currently Gina serves as the president of the Santa Clara County Speech Hearing Association.  She is an active member in her professional field and is a member of ASHA and CSHA.  She believes that education and professional development do not end with a degree and she frequently participates in courses to further her professional expertise.

Gina’s dedication and love for her profession began with her son. After her son was diagnosed with developmental and language delays, it was a speech therapist who inspired her to change careers.  She has the unique perspective of sitting on both sides of the therapy table.  Her dedication to helping each child achieve their goals is driven by her gratitude for the speech therapist who helped her son. 

Ms. January

January Villarreal has over seven years experience teaching preschool aged children. She continues to enjoy serving this population through speech language therapy services and has expanded her experience by working with everyone from infants through adults. She served as a board member of the Santa Clara County Speech Language Hearing Association and serves her clients/students through research supported methods. She has performed diagnosis and treatment of disorders ranging from receptive and expressive language, articulation, fluency, autism spectrum disorders, apraxia, selective mutism and has worked extensively with the hard of hearing population.

January received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Arts in Communicative Disorders at San Jose State University.  She is a native to San Jose and has two daughters ages 16 years and one year old. Her experience as a mother, teacher and education in human development has given her the unique skill set that is needed to provide excellent therapeutic services.